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The Princess and the Pee

The Princess and the Pee


Discover the power of empathy and self-acceptance with this heartwarming tale of a young princess and her struggle with bedwetting. Let your child learn valuable lessons about overcoming challenges and embracing imperfections. 

In a grand castle, there was a young princess named Amma who had a vivid imagination. She loved playing with the queen, searching for mermaids with the king, and going on dragon hunts with her grandmother, Grace. However, bedtime always brought a long list of concerns. Her blankets felt too heavy and the shadows on the walls seemed frightening.
This storybook features enchanting illustrations and a soothing poetic narrative, crafted to ease the fears of young readers who may experience accidents. It is an ideal tool for introducing the topic in a gentle manner and promoting open communication. Revisit this delightful picture book whenever accidents occur, and let your child know they can always share their concerns and be heard.

Paperback  40 Pages
Published March 2024

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