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Mindware Science Academy: Soap Lab

Mindware Science Academy: Soap Lab


Discover the magic of squeaky-clean science with Science Academy's Soap Lab! Explore the science behind the sudsy substance we use every day. Unleash your creativity with this interactive soap kit! Mix vivid hues and fragrances to create your own unique soap, delve into the fascinating history of soap-making, experiment with pigments, investigate the properties of hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules, and explore the law of volume. Get ready for a truly hands-on experience!

The contents of this kit are diverse and include a lab station, molds, globes, beakers, cosmetic colorants, blendable perfume, titanium dioxide pigment soap, and much more. The detailed guide booklet offers step-by-step instructions, helpful hints for experimenting, and insightful information on the chemistry behind soap. With adorable mold designs and high-quality ingredients, you can create a wonderful finished product that will stimulate your mind and leave your body feeling refreshed and clean!

• Promotes an interest in chemistry and biology and develops critical thinking skills
• Learn about soap's unique molecular structure as you create your own custom bars
• Hands-on science lab that is fun, safe and non-toxic
• Over 20 pieces in all
Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

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