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Rush to Recycle - Game

Rush to Recycle - Game


Be the first to sort your recyclables before the truck arrives for pickup!

1 illustrated gameboard
50 object cards
1 wooden die
5 recycling boxes
1 wooden game piece

Assemble the recycling boxes and place them at the top of the gameboard. Place the recycling truck at the START of the game path. Shuffle the object cards and distribute them evenly to all players.


The game begins with the youngest player rolling the die and selecting an object to repurpose based on the color they land on. For example, if they land on sunny yellow, they must search their deck for a "glass" card of that same vibrant hue and deposit it into the appropriate recycling bin. Don't forget, only one card can be deposited at a time! If a player doesn't have a matching card, they must skip their turn. The round-robin gameplay continues until a player rolls the recycling icon (INSERT IMAGE OF ICON HERE), which moves the recycling truck one space on the gameboard. The first player to sort all their recycling cards into the correct bins before the truck reaches the END space wins the game!


Divvy up the object cards among players? No way! Let's team up instead - roll the die and collaborate to sort them all.


No plastic in packaging or transit

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