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Mindware Q-bitz Jr.

Mindware Q-bitz Jr.


Introduce your child to pattern matching, spatial reasoning, problem solving, and more with Q-bitz Jr. This fun and engaging game not only teaches valuable skills but also enhances visual intelligence, setting children up for future math and STEM success. A comprehensive parent guide is included, providing even more ways to play with Q-bitz cubes and promote learning and visual dexterity. Get ready for endless hours of fun with Q-bitz Jr.! Your child will never tire of playing this exciting game.

It's easy to play - each player gets four cubes of the same color and a sturdy wooden tray. When someone turns over a pattern card, it's off to the races as players simultaneously try to recreate the pattern with their set of cubes. The first player to match the card shouts "Q-bitz!" and wins the card. A round of rolling the cubes adds more luck and excitement. The player with the most cards after six rounds wins the game! Includes 60 pattern cards and 4 wooden cube-and-tray sets.

For 1 to 4 players.
Age Recommendation: Ages 3 to 8

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