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Oh Flossy Deluxe Makeup Set

Oh Flossy Deluxe Makeup Set

Experience the luxurious Oh Flossy Deluxe Makeup Set for children, beloved by parents and kids alike. This stunning kit not only allows for imaginative play, but also ensures the delicate skin of children is protected from harsh adult products. The children's makeup set is packaged in a luxurious magnetic closing box making it perfect as a special gift!
Indulge in the luxurious shades of the Deluxe Set, with delectably sweet, vibrant, and shimmering hues. These colors are specially crafted for hours of playful delight, and can be easily washed away with just water, without any harsh scrubbing or chemicals.
5 Natural Kids Eyeshadows : - Pearl Shimmer Kids Eyeshadow, Turquoise Shimmer Kids Eyeshadow, Mint Shimmer Kids Eyeshadow, Purple Kids Eyeshadow, Pink Kids Eyeshadow
1 Natural Blush - Pastel Pink
1 Natural Vegan Lipstick - Pink
3 Applicators

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