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Ocean Height Chart by My Sweet Scarlett

Ocean Height Chart by My Sweet Scarlett


Keep track of your child milestones with this ocean height chart. Ideal for kids bedroom or playroom decoration, hang it on the wall or behind the door.

Size: 28 x 119 cm

Measures up to 160 cm



My Sweet Scarlett was created by designer Marina Setiawan.

Marina grew up playing in her father's boatyard in Indonesia, surrounded by the beaches and flowers that are central themes of her art today. In My Sweet Scarlett, she transforms the patterns of nature into wearable art pieces that help anyone add a little sparkle to an otherwise ordinary day.

When she was a child, Marina delighted in making elaborate personal gifts for her family. Bringing that passion into her business, she has created fun custom projects in collaboration with companies like Plain Vanilla, Birkenstock and Muji.

Reflecting Marina's respect for nature and her background in working for a social enterprise with a focus on sustainability, My Sweet Scarlett is committed to using sustainable materials that are ethically sourced.

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