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EDX Small Pegs Activity Set

EDX Small Pegs Activity Set


There’s something therapeutic about fitting pegs into their holes. What more this set that comes in vibrantly colored rainbow pegs for children to learn with. 

This Small Pegs Activity Set develops fine motor skills, sorting, counting and patterning, as well as assists your child in developing his/her own creative design with vibrantly colour pegs.

Teach them about geometry too, make triangles, squares, heart shapes, flags, or even form alphabets with them. 

These pegs are made of sturdy material and are easy to wash and maintain as well! 

Start with using the activity cards within, then gradually move on to your own creations without the cards. The sky’s the limit to what you can create with these small pegs and peg boards. 

This Small Pegs Activity Set includes

  • 600 pegs in 6 bright colors,
  • 4 clear peg boards, and
  • 15 x 2-sided activity cards.

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