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EDX Geostix Alphabet Letters Construction Set

EDX Geostix Alphabet Letters Construction Set


This set has sticks to help children to learn capital letters and lowercase letters and to write words! There are 10 different shapes and lengths of flexible sticks that snap together easily. 

Let your children express their creativity and hone their problem solving skills when creating and building colorful designs with these easily attachable and detachable sticks.These flexible, color-coded sticks snap together so easily that it’s a breeze to construct with them. 

What’s more, these Geostix are the only construction sticks in the market with multiple connection points!

If you prefer more guidance, use the activity card designs for ideation before engaging in open-ended play.  If you don’t need them, just let your creativity fly! 

This Super awesome Letter Construction Geostix set includes: 

  • 200 color-coded, plastic sticks in 10 different lengths.
  • 25 double-sided activity cards. Size: 1” to 6”L.

Recommended Age: 3-99 yrs

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