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Bird Bash Family Board Game

Bird Bash Family Board Game


Gather your family and learn about birds with Bird Bash! A great choice for school and family game nights, this game builds problem-solving abilities and promotes creative thinking. Kids will be engaged and entertained by the interactive and educational Bird Bash experience. Premium construction and bright artwork make Bird Bash an ideal family board game for years to come!

Players of this thrilling board game compete to throw the best bird bash! From wild cards to action cards, they must serve up tasty treats to draw birds to their feeder. By collecting birds and points, the player with the highest tally at the game's end will rule the roost and win!

• Gameplay features strategy and luck; great for family game night
• Easy to learn and play in 40 minutes
• For 2 to 4 players
• Includes 30 bird cards, 60 food items, 4 bird feeders, 54 action cards, 18 bonus cards, game board and rules

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

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