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Rock, Paper, Switch

Rock, Paper, Switch


Dominate your way to success in this daring game that merges the strategies of chess with the guidelines of traditional rock-paper-scissors! Embrace the thrill of risk-taking as you navigate the board, strategically using paper to capture rock and outmaneuver your opponent. But be prepared to adapt with switch tiles, which can completely alter the game in one swift move! Rock Paper Switch is the perfect challenge for developing your strategic thinking and emerging victorious as the sole player with at least one of each pawn on the board!

• Easy-to-learn board game • Combines concepts of chess with rock-paper-scissors• Strengthens strategy, complex planning and improvisation • 2 to 4 players• Includes 60 pawns, a gameboard and instructions• Play time: 30 - 45 mins
Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

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