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Ultimate Squishy Human Body with SmartScan Technology

Ultimate Squishy Human Body with SmartScan Technology

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Illuminated Learning on the SmartScan Anatomy Table with Lights and Sound!

Get your hands on-and in-this robust 16-inch-tall anatomy toy featuring removable squishy organs, articulated joints, and an interactive electronic sound module.

Sculpted from a medical model of a real body, the Ultimate Squishy Human Body is composed of 10 removable squishy organs and 15 other removable bones, muscles, and organs. The jawbone opens and closes, a transparent lung displays the inner workings of the respiratory system, and joints bend and rotate. When one of the 8 SmartParts is placed on the SmartScan module, the scanner recognizes the part and prompts you to select Scan Mode or Quiz Mode. In Scan Mode, you'll hear fun facts about the part and the system it belongs to. In Quiz Mode, you'll place the correct SmartPart on the scanner to answer quiz questions. The module also produces sounds based on the organ in question, so expect to hear some burps, farts, and gurgles!

Other components include an Organ-izer chart, assembly sheet, quickstart guide, and 48-page book packed with detailed explanations, colorful illustrations, and fun facts about your amazing human body. You'll also discover how your body works and how to keep it healthy, in good shape, and going strong! This toy is, indeed, the ultimate human body educational product.

Expect this remarkable model to be treasured, talked about, and handed down to the next generation.

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