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This Small Blue Dot by Zeno Sworder


This Small Blue Dot by Zeno Sworder


This Small Blue Dot features a little girl explaining the world to her baby sister. Touching on big and small wonderment around us, she shares big lessons as she ponders upon the nature of this "small blue dot" we all live on. This book communicates a strong message on hope, connectivity and empowerment. 

Author and illustrator Zeno Sworder, who hails from a multicultural background, wrote this story when his daughter was unable to find picture books with characters who looked like her. Using rich pencil and crayon illustrations, memories of childhood are conjured through this book that celebrates our being. His precocious young narrator has opinions on plenty of things: nature and the environment, embracing difference, the power of imagination--and the trouble with broccoli. This beautiful book captures not only life lessons but also the fun, often strange experience of being a member of the human family on planet Earth. 

Hardcover 32pages.

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