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Stay for Dinner

Stay for Dinner

Stay for Dinner tells a remarkable story of culture and connection over food, from the makers of 2022 Children's Book Council of Australia's Award-winning The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name. 

Reshma relishes the tradition of family dinner time, where they all get to eat with their hands. Not just a few snacks, but a full-on, squishy feast. When visiting her friends, she sees they all eat differently - from clinks and clacks to tinkles and tinkles. How will her pals react when they witness her unique way of eating?
‘Stay for Dinner is a requirement on every bookshelf as a resource that teaches vital social skills and cultural appreciation—it’s a salve for everyday anxieties any child may feel in regards to fitting in with their peers. This picture book is a wonderful revelation of the true diversity evident within Australia.’ – Books+Publishing

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