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Wooden Block Puzzle from Eguchi

Wooden Block Puzzle from Eguchi

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Beautifully carved from natural Walnut, Beech, Oak and Ash to create this set of solid wooden blocks with naturally colored hues from the tree varieties. 
Block play offers an open-ended, creative and valuable play and learning experience available to every setting. It offers children freedom – to explore, take apart and put back together any block-based creation they can think of. Some of the most important benefits that the child may stand to gain from playing with blocks are :

1. Imagination – Through block play children are free to follow their own ideas as they embark on a voyage of discovery or share in the development of their friends’ creations.

2. Problem-solving – Blocks offer a great platform to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills. This can be deliberate, with children consciously working to develop a solution, or as a natural consequence of play, as they learn first-hand what does and what doesn’t work.

3. Mathematics – blocks offer ample opportunity for children to practise important maths skills, covering measurement, number, symmetry, balance and estimation. By comparing shapes and sizes, creating patterns or providing measuring and weighing tools, we can can extend play and exploration.

4. Creativity – Blocks are loose parts, meaning children are free to combine and recombine them in countless ways. Practitioners can add alternative resources such as dough, small world characters or paint and pencils to further extend opportunities for creativity.

This set of beautifully handmade heirloom worthy wooden blocks will be treasured for years to come.
Each piece carefully sanded and polished with natural wax.

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