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Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Rails Creator Set

Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Rails Creator Set


Cubes that leave you guessing and rails that go the distance really ramp up your marble run fun! The unique design of Q-BA-MAZE cubes allow for a limitless range of configuration options. The 7.5" straight-away rails connect easily to any cube or to each other to create tracks that send your marbles zigzagging through the maze of colorful cubes. Plus, the precision engineering of the double exit cubes gets everyone wondering, "which way will the marbles go?"

Includes 20 single-exit cubes, 10 bottom-exit cubes, 10 double-exit cubes, 4 straight-away rails, 15 marbles and instructions.

• Strengthens STEM, physics, basic engineering, strategy & fine-motor skills• Expands creativity, cooperation and logical thinking• Perfect collaborative learning tool to use with parents or siblings• Includes 40 cubes in four different colors, 4 straight-away rails and 15 steel marbles

Age Recommendation: Ages 6 and up

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