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My Big Touch-and-Feel Concepts Book: 2


My Big Touch-and-Feel Concepts Book: 2


Child development specialists have shown that children learn best when they acquire knowledge through multiple senses. Not only sight and sound, but touch as well, are critical elements in their development. 

This large sturdy board book is a delightful multi-sensory treat! With 120 words and 40 touch-and-feel elements, your child will enjoy pouring through pages after pages, naming the objects and discovering the amazing sensations the different textures bring.  Colors, shapes, numbers, and opposites. These basic concepts are fundamental lessons in early toddler education. Discover bright colors at a carnival, touch the sticky splotches of paint, count the number of spots on a ladybug, and trace the shiny star and spiral shapes. There's so much to see, touch, and discover! A hands-on learning experience that encourages sensory awareness, builds vocabulary skills, and develops word and picture associations, this interactive volume is a must-have for a young child's growing library!

Perfect gift for a baby too.

Illustrated by Xavier Deneux

About the Author

Xavier Deneux's chic, bold style and insightful grasp of what makes younger children think, connect, and smile has resulted in over 100 critically lauded books. He is the creator of the My First Slide-&-Play Book and the TouchThinkLearn series. He lives in Paris, France.

Hardcover, 22pages. 

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