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Geo Detectives: Volcanoes and Earthquakes - Chris Oxlade

Geo Detectives: Volcanoes and Earthquakes - Chris Oxlade

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Encouraging young readers to investigate geography topics and to have fun while learning, this book will amaze and astound any reader with an interest in science and nature. Join two young detectives, Ava and George, in a hands-on exploration on the science behind Volcanos and Earthquakes.

What happens when a volcano erupts? Can we predict earthquakes? Where do most earthquakes occur in the world? Discover what amazing things happen in nature and use your own skills to find out why! Get answers about:

Tectonic plates using a soggy biscuit

Simulate the gas blowing cinders our from the crater using popcorn, a plate, a cup, and a straw

Which materials are the best protection against heat using a chocolate bar

How to measure quakes by making your own seismometer from everyday items

Tsunamis by making your own model tsunami wave

And much more!

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