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Fly: A Child's Guide to Birds and Where to Spot Them

Fly: A Child's Guide to Birds and Where to Spot Them


This beautifully crafted book is a brilliant introduction to the world of birds.

This fabulous book, featuring the stunning artwork from bestselling illustrator Sara Boccaccini Meadows, is home to over 150 birds waiting to be discovered: from the lovable lesser flamingo, known as the "friendly flock hero", to other flocking birds like the chimney swift and the mesmerizing starling whose murmurations captivate birdwatchers worldwide. Fly to the water world and meet the charming Adélie penguin, along with other sea-loving birds. Keep exploring the avian world and encounter birds with stunning beaks, incredible feet, magnificent wings, striking colors, and much more!

David Lindo, the Urban Birder, makes exploring the world of birds a delightful adventure. He introduces a dazzling array of species with extraordinary talents, magnificent feathers, and unexpected behaviors. He also uncovers fascinating tales and legends, revealing how birds have captivated cultures throughout history.

Age 7 and up

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