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Britannica's Encyclopedia Infographica (Oct 2023)

Britannica's Encyclopedia Infographica (Oct 2023)


Behold the cutting-edge Encyclopedia Infographica from Britannica, whose visuals articulate its contents!

This authoritative encyclopedia is perfect for visual learners: Discover awe-inspiring details about the cosmos, our planet, creatures, mankind, and tech with 200 infographics featuring maps, diagrams, chronologies, and more.!

Behold snapshots of knowledge with every relentless flip of the page: contrast the diameter of our Sun to that of the universal titan; witness the outrageous feats of certain species with leaps 200 times their body length; discover the quantity of snot produced daily in a single body; size up the giants of yore and then explore what takes place over a fleeting second across the globe.

With stunning infographics by internationally renowned data designer Valentina D'Efilippo, along with beautiful color photography, as well as interviews with leading expert consultants for every chapter, this luxurious volume from Britannica provides an invigorating, visual approach to grasping the environment around us.

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