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Awesome Maps : Kids Map with Sticker-Set


Awesome Maps : Kids Map with Sticker-Set


The Kids Map is the first interactive world map for kids who truly want to explore and learn about cultures, history, big cities, animals and wonders of the natural world. It is ideal for kids aged 4-8. Every Kids Map has three elements:

  • World map base (completely visual)
  • 140 re-attachable stickers (completely visual)
  • Explanation sheet (Cheat Sheet) to help parents explain the stickers (in English)
  • Cheat Sheet : The mini Kids Map will provide you with all you need to know to answer your curious kids‘ questions

The map is suitable for kids from anywhere in the world because the base and the stickers don't have anything written in any language!

  • 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")
  • 250gsm (170lbs) heavy art paper with kid-friendly UV activated colors (NO solvents)
  • Rip-proof whiteboard coating - easily personalize your map or wipe off spills
  • Glueless stickers with suction technology from YUPO - re-stick & re-use

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