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The MoneyBunnies series - Paperback (Set of 4)

The MoneyBunnies series - Paperback (Set of 4)

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by Cinders McLeod.

This is a charming series to introduce fundamental financial knowledge and savviness to little children. 

Each of the book devotes on a key concept in financial management. Worded simply and adorable illustrations, this is one must-have set for all families. 

Each book is $13.80/pc. Get 15% off when you buy a set of 4. !!

Pride and Independence
In EARN IT! Bun wants to be RICH & FAMOUS but learns that takes work.

Choice and Wisdom
In SPEND IT! Sonny wants to BUY EVERYTHING but learns to make choices.

Goals, Planning and Patience
In SAVE IT! Honey wants HER OWN PLACE but learns that takes patience.

Love and Gratitude
In GIVE IT! Chummy wants to SAVE THE WORLD but learns heroes don’t need costumes.

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